Monday, 28 April 2014

Our Engagement

Today, Chris and I have been engaged for nine whole weeks - I can't believe how quick it's gone!  I now can't imagine not being engaged!

My mum booked us a trip to Milan for Christmas and Chris (unbeknownst to me) decided this would be the perfect time to propose.  He had already bought my ring - again, I didn't have a clue - so set about planning the perfect proposal.

On Monday 24th February we got up and decided we would go to Milan Cathedral, the Duomo.   My brother and Dad went a few years ago for a football match and told us the one thing we had to see was the Duomo, so that was top of our list.    The pictures will never do it any justice, but it is just the most amazing building, it's like nothing either of us have ever seen before.  The attention to detail is just incredible.  We bought some tickets and stupidly decided to take the stairs to the roof terrace rather than the lift.  I thought it would be a nice scenic walk with views of Milan on the way up.  Oh no, it was 3295748075 stairs of pure hell in a dark claustrophobic cave. 

After catching our breath on the first level of the roof, we spent a while taking in the 360 views of Milan and beyond - on a really clear day you can see the Alps!  We then made our way up to the very top of the roof.  It was a glorious day, it was only about 10am but the sun was beaming down on us and there wasn't a cloud in sight.   I was photographing everything in site and stopping for a few selfies, obviously.  We were stood overlooking the whole city at the highest point of the roof terrace of one of the most amazing cathedrals in the world, then the next thing I know, the colour drains from Chris' face and he pulls out the most perfect ring I've ever seen.   I was so gob smacked I had absolutely no idea!  It was perfect.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like I was floating and didn't take my eyes off my ring.   When I came back down to Earth and decided to text people back home, I found out that most people already knew!  My mum had known for months which explained a lot of weird visits to her house and her over eagerness to pick us up from the airport!

Everyone was so happy for us which made it so much more special.

We haven't started any solid wedding planning as of yet due to my job situation mostly and partly to my dire want (need) to buy a house, but we're aiming for Spring/Summer 2016.  I have a short list of venues, I've seen the dress, I've picked my bridesmaids, I know the colour scheme and I know the florist.  It's pretty much all planned in my head, but nothing has been booked as of yet, but I'll keep you all up to date with that.

Friday, 25 April 2014


Well, this is weird.

I used to be an avid blogger whilst at university but fourth year came around and structured blogging took a back seat and I became a fan of Tumblr and it's nonsense.  Long story short, last week I lost my job.  My dream job that I'd worked so hard for and was so ecstatic to have finally secured.  So here I am, blogging again.

I've just turned 23 (sob) and graduated with a 2:1 in journalism last July.  I worked by backside off interning around London, working for free and doing freelance work that I wouldn't reap the financial awards from for nearly 6 months, and still ended up in Tesco.  Then in March this year my dream job popped up, I applied and hey ho, got offered the job there and then.  I loved it and learnt so much, but unfortunately my time there was cut short after an unplanned company restructuring took place and it was a case of last in, first out.

Getting a job after uni has been hard, seriously hard, but I'm not giving up. 

The last year has been a whirlwind.  I moved back to Manchester after 3 years in Preston, I graduated with a 2:1, my boyfriend and I got our first home together, I worked for a national newspaper, I've been on holidays and I got engaged!  Life wise, this past year has been amazing and I'm refusing to let my dire job situation hold me back.

I've started blogging again for a few reasons.  One, I'm bored.  I miss working, I miss writing.  Two, I have just started Slimming World and I want to document my weight loss journey.  SW has such a massive online community and I just feel this is the best way to share my experience with it all.  I've never done a proper diet or life style change, whenever I've lost weight it's been down to killing myself in the gym.  But recently everyone seems to have joined SW and has been shedding pounds left right and centre, and quite frankly I'm sick as a dog with jealousy, so I'm jumping on the wagon.  It's only day 2, but I'll keep you updates.

The other main reason is simply because I want to write.  I fell out of love with writing after leaving uni having spent four long years writing all day and all night, I just felt like I needed a break, but now I need to write.   I'm going to be posting about various things - mostly food - I'm not going to sugar coat it, I am a pig.  I love food.  I love to cook, I love to eat out, I love take aways, I love everything about food.  I am a food whore.

 If I can take my mind off food for long enough, I will be posting mostly lifestyle posts and even more exciting than food (I think) I will be documenting my wedding planning on here!   Chris and I have been engaged for 9 weeks now and I pretty much know everything I want.  I was never one of them girls that envisioned their wedding from a young age and to be honest, I never really wanted to get married, but as soon as he proposed, I turned into a complete bridezilla. 

So yeah, I'm going to label this a life style blog, but we'll see what direction we go in!